Who Is...

Golden (Moacha) True🖤 Poison

Hello, I'm Moacha. My family and friends call me Mo. What most don't know is that my real name is Golden and there is only a teaspoon of people who know me by that name. This blog will introduce you to Golden and Moacha X all while experiencing Moacha's Journey. 

I am a unique and creative storyteller who ventured into the virtual world right before the pandemic started, seeking peace, safety, love, and friendship. I've traveled to a couple of different worlds since that time and now I'm bi-worlds and toggle between Second Life and IMVU.  

I am a model and blogger who can't wait to share some amazing products and content with you.  I enjoy taking pictures and working with editors and photographers as we merge artistic ideas together to make beautiful art.  I also love dancing so be sure to check out my YT channel as well as both my Instagram feeds as they have some exciting content. 

I am also venturing into real estate on Second Life. Recently I just launched a new role play community for new residents. We have some fun and engaging activities lined up. I also own MAEVA a role play resort in Bora Bora on Second Life. There is never a dull moment with me.

The stories and blog posts that will be shared will give you a look into the life of Golden, Moacha and MoachaX. The posts will be told in a unique and creative way in order to protect identities and events. A little twist, turn, bend and all truth from my perspective. 🦋