Moacha's Golden Journey

My name is Golden but you know me as Moacha. Welcome to my journey!


2:31 AM

Some nights, to escape I pull out the PS5 and I just play. I am a true gamer. Been that way from a little girl and I get it honest from...

Gold Coast ReDo

It's been months since I closed Gold Coast to undergo construction. It had been in my head for months, but with current tenants, the club...

6:30 AM

YES Bitch! Let me tell you something, when you cause others to talk mess about you when you have not done 1 single thing to them. When...

11:23 am

After the nightmare of the past few days, I needed some QT with my forever sister. It's always helpful when you can exhale and feel safe...

8:17 am

I woke up this morning and knew it was the day to let go. I've been holding on for way too long. Hoping that things would be different,...

8:20 pm

People are exactly who you think they are. When they show you - believe them!

8:08 pm

"I have something to show you. Meet me at this location 8 minutes after the sun sets tomorrow." Wow...really? This note was left me at my...

7:52 am

Decided to stop by Goldies, the new beach bar at The Gold Coast for a donut and some yummy pomegranate lemonade green tea. I love the way...

5:10 pm

There's something about the bond you have with your sisters that make your journey just a little bit better, you know? This past week...

7:44 am

Presenting the Snake Temple Sunglasses and Flame Earrings by VUES ♥︎

11:37 pm

Wearing VUES as I step out for the night. The "Get That Bread" bag is the hottest purse on the grid and available at the Pretty Event.



I am always interested in collaborations or new and exciting projects. Feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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