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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

It's the time stamp for me ∆. First and foremost let me start by saying my worlds tend to blur from time to time and this post will blur them as I wish all my DevaStaTing sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. an amazing 108 years of scholarship, sisterhood and service. I love that about life's journey. Our paths have taken us so many places. Meeting so many amazing souls. Golden has traveled to many worlds and although I believe I've found my forever home here on The Gold Coast, I still love where I've been.

So, I know it's been a few days since I've caught up with y'all. So much is going on. Golden Real Estate is extremely busy right now. Exciting! I have multiple construction projects and remodeling going on simultaneously. I can't wait to show y'all some of the projects that I've been working on. Trust me you will be in awe like me.

So, about my model life...I'm excited about some projects I have in the pipeline. I signed on with a couple of new creators that I am extremely excited about. There's nothing better than working with brilliant creators. Especially when they are honest, professional and REAL! I pride myself on authenticity and transparency. But, I realize that everyone in this field and especially in this realm are not. The one thing that I cannot stand more than anything is a liar. And as a brand creator there is absolutely no reason you should lie to your team. A team that has been loyal, honest, and has done nothing but promote your items. Here's the fact, when one behaves in this way, being deceitful and lying for absolutely no reason, the universe sees you. The universe knows. And trust me...KARMA is real. So, let me share a little gem with y'all today and I hope it helps someone.


I should've known when he said, "she said 'she had something juicy to tell me'" that we would never truly align. It has always been a piece of the puzzle that just didn't fit. If you know me, truly know me, then you know I don't even talk like that and especially to someone I'm working for. I am one of the most professional models you'll come across. I know how to keep business: business and personal: personal. And, here's the catcher - I have the actual comment recorded. So, yeah NO, I didn't say that and furthermore, shifting the energy to a negative tone is not Golden (pun intended). I tried my hardest for months to show my loyalty despite being thrown under the bus and mistreated for asking questions. I actually tried walking away respectfully, with love and not a drop of animosity. But silly Moacha, I got bamboozled into believing that I was really wanted on the team. Only to be lied to at the end. I swear 2020 Moacha was way too nice and understanding. 2021 Moacha is awake! For the last few weeks I've been trying to figure out why this relationship ended like this and if there was a way I could resolve it. And then as this beautiful yellow butterfly landed on my shoulder, the answer was revealed. Yes, this delicate insect whispered in my ear, "I have a better view than you. And, I can tell you that my view for your journey is much brighter ahead. Let your old view of your modeling career go and trust what's ahead." And with that, I felt a HUGE relief lift off of my soul. What I know to be real is that you treat others with the respect that they show you. When you fail to do that, well... it will come back to you. What was done and how it was done will be returned to both of them. Maybe not in the same way, but they will get it back and then sit and wonder, "why is this happening to me?" They may or may not recall this blatant mistreatment, but the universe will remind them. Karma is REAL!

Remember, I told you that I'm one of the most professional models that you'll come across, right? Let me tell you how authentic I am...after being lied to and told that everyone was being removed from the group with purpose and that everyone had to reapply...I still went and purchased the latest drop and did what I normally do to show support. Even knowing that the rest of the team did not receive the same message nor did they have to reapply. That's Golden (pun intended)! That's what loyalty looks like. That's what honesty looks like. That's real.

I should've known from the beginning. There were so many signs and flags. The disrespect. The lies. That's how we started. It was inevitable for us to end with the same energy. 2021 will be a lot different though. I'll only be working for those that give me positive energy and that show the same amount of respect for me that I show them. The ones that truly see me and know my soul and are professional all the way around, period. The beauty of this world is that as one door closes a hundred more open. So, yeah the view of my future is bright.

THE REAL LESSON: Pay attention to the warning signs and flags from the onset. How a relationship starts is how it will end.

And, this is Golden's Gem for you. Keep it. You may need it one day on your journey. 💌

♔ Bodysuit by Seniha

♔ Barbara Heels by Phedora

♔ Twizler Pony by Punklist

♔ Key Hairbase by Punklist

♔ Rudolph Birkin by Rich Fatale

♔ Lyssa lipstick by Velour

♔ Lux Set Nails by Nailplug

Listening to Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn

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