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The worst part of the journey is when people make the mistake that I'm stupid. Like I don't know what they are doing. Like I don't see them. Know their sneaky, evil, and horrific moves towards me.

Oh, you think because I'm quiet it's ok to do what you did?

So, you think it's ok to handle it in that manner, eh?

And, you think you're justified?

You seriously think I'm not going to say anything to you?

You think the universe is going to allow you to get away with that?

Like really? Forget everything else I asked. Let's just focus on the last question. You think the universe is going to allow you of all souls to mistreat me and get away with it?


You don't know me. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Moacha. I am the rarest soul you'll ever come across. Honest. Loyal. Kind. True. I am not here for the same reasons you are and that's ok, but that does not give you permission to mistreat me, nor be rude or unkind to me. What you have done to me the universe will return to you. It may not be in the same manner and you will not know when it's coming. Just like you did with me, it will be unknown, unkind, shocking and it will throw you for a loop. You will be stunned, hurt, offended and you will ask yourself, WTF? Why? And at the moment when you're completely puzzled trying to figure out why in the world did that happen to you in that way...you can remember the time that you did what you did to me.

It is absolutely impossible to hurt a kind soul and get away with it. IMPOSSIBLE. Remember that. Karma is inevitable. And know this, I don't wish you ill. I am not mad at you. And, I send nothing but positive thoughts and good vibes your way. I have forgiven you. I wish all my enemies and naysayers well. Especially those that are "closest to me". xo

🎶 Love All by Drake ft. Jay Z

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