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After the nightmare of the past few days, I needed some QT with my forever sister. It's always helpful when you can exhale and feel safe and comfortable. I find that this space can be dark. Full of jealousy, vengeance and evil. People literally make-up things just to hurt others for likes, views and laughs. And the saddest thing about those lost souls, the majority of the time, something awful has happened to them. Why they elect to do the same to someone else is beyond me. Karma is the best lesson and the universe is watching.

"No weapon formed against me will prosper."

As a survivor (never a victim), I choose to be happy. I choose to keep good people and energy around me. I surround myself with loving souls. Honest souls. Individuals that listen. Believe me. Trust me. Are patient with me during my mistakes and my time of growth. Patient during my healing. Understanding in times of frustration and anger. Keepers of my secrets. Wait, wow... does it sound like I have humans around me (smile). And not some unrealistic puppet that is made up of unrealistic expectations that others have deemed right and appropriate.

Coming to The Gold Coast today with Autumn was exactly what I needed. And, then I think my eyes must be playing tricks on me. Did I just see? SMH! I know he did not show up here at The Gold Coast with... the audacity. Luckily Autumn grabbed me right in time because I was surely on my way to confront him.

Story to be continued...

Mo's Grid Lessons 💭 ~ Hurt people, hurt people.

⭐Starring Vivacious, Inc. ⭐

Mandy dress by Vivacious, Inc.

Mandy boots by Vivacious, Inc.

🌟Also Wearing:

Valencia Hair by Sintikila

Glossiness Lipstick by Purple Beauty

Gradient Nails by Rosary

Crown by XOX

Diamond Choker by November

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