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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I stopped by this cute little community on my way back to The Gold Coast. It reminded me of Miami and Los Angeles in one. So cute. The art on the buildings were giving me so much life and so many amazing ideas. I'm already working on The Gold Coast II. Construction begins in a couple of weeks. Nervous, excited and in awe at myself.

I've been modeling for so long that I never imagined myself falling into real estate. Most of my family and friends are into designing, creating, photography or editing. But, I'm super excited about this new adventure. Golden Real Estate is officially opened for business (giggle). So, it's helpful to visit new places. Explore. It keeps my mind churning with ideas.

I have to share the funniest thing, on Christmas morning I kept looking for 2 gifts that I brought with me on my trip to open around the tree with the rest of my family. I was so excited about them and I saved opening them until Christmas. Well, Christmas morning the gifts were MIA. I kept thinking did the dog eat my gifts? (giggle) Like - What in the world happened to my cutely wrapped Christmas gifts from my friend, Jose. I was looking in the trash, all around the house. I just surmised that I left them at home. But, when I got in the car this morning to drive back, they were in the trunk underneath a couple of blankets. And, I do remember when I first arrived I had to pee really bad and I quickly grabbed my bags and let the attendant park the car. I literally hadn't gone back to it until today. And let me just say...I am soooooo glad that they were still in the trunk. J is amazing and woooo, where did he find such amazing gifts. I mean they literally came with authentication cards. yes, baby. My croc is authentic and so is my LV duffle. If you only knew how much I am fan girling over my own gifts. LMAO SMH, Golden you're so silly...they're yours! This is going to be my new dance workout bag (giggle). 💌


♔ Level Up Camo by Vues (available in 4 sizes and 6 colors at The Grand event)

♔ Charm Hair by Foxy

♔ Purse by Plastic (Instagram @derivables)

♔ LV Duffle by Plastic

Listening to Za Za by Lourdiz

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