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I'm going home when the sun comes up. It's been amazing spending time with my loved ones. Watching the snow fall. And shopping of course (giggle). I needed the break. But, it's time for me to get back to my reality. Christmas is over and there's so much going on at The Gold Coast. Construction on the new land is scheduled to start and we had to do a few updates in the towers. Making sure everything is smooth is so important to me. My thoughts are always filled with work. Projects that I want to start. Projects that are still on the table. I keep telling myself that I'm going to make sure that I carve out more time just for fun and exploration. I swear I need someone to ground me. Someone to take me away from my overbearing things to do list so that I can just take time to inhale and exhale.

Damnit...this song... She has (She has) me in her (Me in her)...But all she's missing is a piece of my heart...

I miss the warmth. The touches. Kisses. That feeling that starts at the center of your stomach and moves down to the lowest part of your body that your soul can reach. The build up. The sensation. I'm clenching my thighs together just thinking about it. But as bad as my body may want it...I already know that my body and my heart don't always see eye to eye, so I have to step in and make sense of it all. Put boundaries on those that haven't defined their intentions. Heisman those that are up to no good. As an independent woman I do not need a man, but I want one. I want things done to my body. To my heart. To my soul. I've been guarded for so long. 2021 is going to be a year of change. Revelation. I think it's time to reveal Moacha X. What do you think?

Was it by mistake

That you found someone who sees her future just like me?

But I bet she can't imagine spending her whole life with you

And I wish that you would at least pretend

That you don't want her too...

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas 💋

Custom tattoo by Baby's (order via IG @babys.sl)

Top & Thong by MUG

Bracelets by November

Hair by Doux

Listening to Me in Her by Sabrina Claudio

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