3:51 am

What makes another soul hate?

Makes them despise or detest another soul?


Why can't they focus on their own energy and journey?

Be kind to others. Love. Help. Understand.

The vengeance that people have for others is deeply saddening. Like a void. A dark space that has no understanding. No clarity. No truth.

I find myself surrounded by a series of individuals who I'm not aligned with. We have nothing in common. Not our thoughts. Or goals. Or even basic human kindness. These heartless beings are like moths that are attracted to my beautiful light, but at the same time my light irritates them.

I wish they would just fly away. Find someone else to land on and forget that they ever met me. I really wish that they would never mention my name. Completely erase me from their memory and just leave.

So, until they fly away. I am left to find a repellent and protect myself. Shield myself from their lies and dirty tactics. Guard myself from the vicious shenanigans, of their jealous, evil ways. Protect myself from their lies and deceit. They are devil sent. This I know for sure!

And in fairness, I'm getting tired. Tired of swaying them away. Tired of constantly trying to get some peace from these moths. The next one that lands on me...I might just "SPLAT".

🎵 Stranger by Jhene' Aiko

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