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My stomach has been upset for the past few days and I cannot get rid of this migraine for anything. So much on my mind. But this is chess not checkers, Golden. I have to keep reminding myself.

Recently I've been strategically putting pieces in position to see what the next play will be. I need to see clearer and there has been some fog around me the last few months. You know what they say. Give folks some information and see what they do with it. I'm loyal to a fault often times. Let's see how folks are to me. I pray they won't disappoint me. Although...if history is correct I am prepared for what is to come. And, I am confident that's why my body is going into this flare with the migraines and tummy aches. Like clockwork someone "close" to me is about to disappoint me.

You cannot trust people with your heart, soul or information. They will use it to their advantage in some way shape or form. Especially in this world. And especially the souls that linger around me. They will use it to hurt me later being petty. They will throw it up down the line to be mean and spiteful. They will share it with others to retaliate and build an army against me. They will use it to sit back and munch and plot and scheme. But, nothing positive comes from it. Nothing. And the sad part is they can't see that no one wins when the family feuds. And truth is...we're all connected in some way shape or form, so we're all inevitably family. So, why hurt? But, these folks don't think like me.

So, I am going to just continue building my brands. Protect my energy. See what they do with what I've given them. Wait...watch...prepare...pray...manifest the best! The seasons have changed...something is in the air...there is a major shift happening and a serious paradigm shift is coming.


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