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Storytime: Protect Your Energy At All Costs - The Truth

I had the craziest thing happen to me today. I truly could not believe it, but then wait...nothing in this unique social experiment surprises me anymore. After the ultimate betrayal of someone I trusted completely a year ago, I realize that people are not who they say they are nor will they do what they say they will do. So, yeah, I am not surprised, but it is sho nuff crazy.

Let me share that names will not be shared in any Story Time in order to respect those souls. This is MY truth and my experience in the events that took place. I also thought hard about the context of my Story Time posts, because at the core of any of my blogs I want someone to walk away with something helpful. I truly hope that my blogs land somewhere in your soul good, bad or hell, even indifferent because when I do come back up you'll remember that I was once indifferent and now I matter (wink). Seriously, although my blog is therapeutic for me. Artistic and creative in moments. A sales campaign most often. A historical and memory footprint of my virtual experiences. This space is also to make an impact and difference. So, hopefully this Story Time will do that.

Serious statement from me, Moacha, Moacha X, Golden, Insert RL Name, do not lie to other souls. I do not lie to my friends. And I. have absolutely NO REASON to lie to a stranger. That's just weird! Moreover, there is no purpose, whatsoever, nothing to gain, by lying to a soul who is 10s of thousands of miles from me and whom by the way I do not truly know. Please re-read that! I do not know this soul IRL. Before I get into the details of this Story Time. I just have to share, I just don't see a reason to lie to people. That's just weird to me. I am not afraid to tell the truth, no matter how awkward it is. That's me. Seriously in this situation there is absolutely NOTHING to gain by not being honest with this soul. For a couple of reasons, (the timing they were referring to was a ca. year go when our relationship was not in healthy, but we had took time on 2 different occasions to talk things out and what I thought was to heal and grow from the experiences and the second reason is me and this soul are no longer in the same circles as I have chose to dedicate the majority of my virtual experience in another realm). I have been painfully honest with this soul in the past. Telling this soul yes I said this and that and this is what I meant and why I said and how I felt when I said it. So, let's just pause - If I shared my truths with you then - why in the world why I lie to you about anything that I said now? ... stares at the sunset...

So, here we go with my first Story Time (smiles) ... I get this this notification from this soul that was contacting me whom I haven't heard directly from in months. Once I made my initial response it was a fireball of false accusations that was lead by one passive aggressive question. You know those types of questions, What's Your Problem? So, not really a question or a diplomatic friendly type of communication. This soul was falsely accusing me of sharing personal information about them to another soul. I shared that I would NEVER do that, not to them or anyone, that's awful. For multiple reasons I didn't share this information, but before I provide the partial list, I want to stop and acknowledge the fact, that this, my golden ones, is not friendship.

Whenever someone who claims to be your friend or someone who has respect for you, if they ever come to you in a way that is accusatory, disrespectful, have already made their mind up that you are not telling the truth and that they believe whatever they have been told, they my golden ones were never your friends. They had severed the relationship before they picked up the phone with you or sent that text, etc. What we have to do is #1 realize that everyone on the Internet are NOT OUR FRIENDS! They are NOT OUR SISTERS! They do NOT have your back! They are NOT loyal! I can go on but you got my point. And, when you truly love, care, have respect for another soul and that's your friend, someone who you trust...

  • Then you would never just take someone else's word over your friend's

  • You would listen to understand vs. just to be heard

  • You would trust that what they had to say was the truth and that without Screen Shots or hard proof and documents then it should've been then end of the conversation

There's a pile of more facts to speak on the side of this was completely wrong as a "friend" to communicate in this way. But, as I shared, we have a tendency to mislabel internet friends. So ok, let's move beyond that.

Let's say, but Moacha what if that was the point, they thought you were "friends" and somehow they felt the you betrayed them. My response is: is that the way you approach someone that you care about? That you have a "friendship" with? That you have mutual respect for? Seriously! If emotions are that high then take a breath. Drink some tea. Take a nap. Write in your journal. And then have a conversation with me. Like, it doesn't call for all that energy. Like, that's not normal. Relationships aren't for likes or for views. At the end of the day, civil conversations could've been had. Respect should've been had. Karma is real and the universe knows and sees all. The things done in the dark, always come to light. All relationships, especially the truly decent ones, aren't trash.

There's a rule of thumb I always lean on when I'm really mad at another soul. You can use the 10:10:10 rule ... it's will you feel the same way you do right now in this moment in 10 minutes, in 10 days, in 10 weeks, in 10 years? I like to sleep on issues that really make my blood boil for at least 24 hours so I can calm down and make sure I have followed the rule above. And if I am still livid and feel like I just have to talk to the individual then I do my very best to wait until I am calm and can talk with love and respect and so that I can hear their version and hopefully they can hear mine. Because if they're my friend, I want to make sure that at the end of the conversation we're good and that we can fix it and that it won't be an issue. I don't talk to individuals that I don't want to continue a relationship with. What is the purpose? I have conversations with individuals that I want to resolve things with. Any other purpose is negative, toxic, and unhealthy.

I asked the soul if they had any proof after several attempts of me telling them that I did not do what they were accusing me of. They couldn't provide any proof. They chose to continue calling me a victim - which is so odd. I was like a victim of what? What am I a victim of? One of those chalkboard pet-peeves. You can't provide proof of me saying these awful things about you, yet you use a catch phrase incorrectly because it sounds good. ...stares at the sunset...

Unfortunately, the soul had no hard evidence; only the word of a stranger that said that Moacha told them this "very private" piece of information and used a few other very ugly untruths. Words that not only I wouldn't use about this soul, but one word I don't even know what it means. I called my Mum and she didn't know, she even asked her RL daughter and she didn't know what the word was. I asked a few others and know one has ever heard of this word.

The soul decided it would be best to bring up the hurtful parts of a conversation from last year that we had worked through or at least at the time they said we were okay. For months we went on as if we were good. Today was the first that I heard that they were still upset about the topics that we had ironed out from our past, which again proves my point that I was sharing with you all. This soul actually severed our relationship prior to approaching me. I didn't realize we weren't friends, but they knew before they came into my DMs that they know longer wanted to continue a friendship with me. Why in the world would a topic that I apologized for in the past be thrown in my face again? Especially if you accepted my apology and said that we were in a good and healthy space. Normal relationships - you apologize and you move on and build, work on the relationship. If for whatever reason you are unable to build because you cannot let go of the past and move on, then just walk away. Simple.

What is the purpose of coming to share with me falsehoods and lies that were shared by someone that I am not connected to? Words that I not only don't use, but don't even know what they mean? Why bring up old topics that we ironed out and put to rest? Topics that both parties apologized for...the fact is you didn't care for me before we healed and vice versa. That's not a secret and you and I in front of others discussed that. It was put to rest. Why bring all that up again? A year later? What is the purpose of calling me a bitch? Amongst other things? Like- Make that make sense? If you believe someone whom I have told you and I provided actual SS to you with proof of what I said and you can't do the same in return, yet I am the liar? And we're suppose to be friends? That's not friendship. And anyone that treats their friends that way is unhealthy and toxic. Yes, let me say that again so you all capture it clearly. I provided evidence to this soul that I never said anything about them or anything negative or unhealthy to the individual in question. Again, because I did not tell the soul anything about the soul that is accusing me of sharing their information. We are not in communication. I do not hang out with this person. And my true friends know that not only would I never do that. But, when my friends asked who the soul is that told these untruths and lies, they said well we know where it came from, why doesn't this soul know? It's obvious I just shrugged and ... stares at sunset...

Once the soul decided to call me a Bitch, I realized that they did not know how to have a healthy, adult or human conversation. Remember, we have control over the energy we allow in our space. I could've stayed and gone back and forth and allowed them to continue being inhumane and disrespectful, but that is what they needed and wanted for whatever reason. It was almost as if it was a well-orchestrated plot that was contrived for keeks and views. That was made apparent with the subs that immediately hit the stream. So, as normal and as I always have maintained, I remained true to who I am as human soul. I told the soul the truth, that I did not say those awful-ugly things about them. I said my goodbyes and wished them well in life.

Here's how I can truly sleep well at night and how I continue to be blessed on my journey. I try my very best to be the best human soul I know how to be in this space. When I make mistakes and I recognize that I have, I own that. I take accountability for my actions, my flaws, NONE OF US ARE PERFECT! My flaws and my imperfections, make me, Moacha. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes and say and do things that are sometimes faux pas and other times just the wrong things to say. I have always owned what I say, right - wrong - indifferent, because I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I apologize when I have hurt people that I care about. I have tried to correct my wrongs and make things better. I try and improve myself as a human soul every day. That's all any of us can do. I right my wrongs, because the dash in between my dates is all I have to live for and at the end I have to be accountable for that, no one else.

The virtual space is supposed to be a safe space for souls to come and create, meet and unite with others around the world. Blend in our unique and beautiful differences. There's a lot of differences in these worlds. A lot! And to me we are all dynamic beautiful souls and beings. I respect everyone and the platform that they are on. I am very immersed in all types of communities not only in RL but especially in the virtual space and I am all about uplifting and empowering differences for all. I supported this soul, as a friend as I thought we were, especially having talked out our differences several months ago. I truly that we had healed. I used to brag about us - about how we started one way and ended up being so healthy and beautiful and strong and then - today... today definitely made me, pause and sit down and just ... stare at the sunset.

MOral of this story: There are a few take-a-ways I hope you captured from this StoryTime...

1-Everyone is not your friend!

2 -There is no reason to lie. Tell your truth. If it hurts, Apologize and move on. Sometimes the context is not understood, so tell your truth. Especially because we live on different continents and we use different jargons and what we think is normal in the USA may not be normal in Australia or normal in Angola. We have to not only respect cultural differences, but language barriers and understanding as well. There is never a reason to lie. Just tell the truth.

3 -Listen to understand vs. to be understood. When you're friends, you should hear them out with love and understanding. Give them grace. When you have to only speak to be heard then that's not a conversation or a dialogue that's a lecture and it's one-sided.

4-When people cross personal boundaries that are part of lower vibrations, like calling you out of your name, saying you did something that you didn't and you have proof and have provided it and they cannot do the same, etc. disconnect from that energy. You have control over that. Walk away! And do not continue to engage in it. That's what dark energy wants. No one should allow you to get to that level and you should not accept that energy. Keep your vibrations in a good space. At all times!

5-Practice the 10-10-10 rule. Will you feel the same way in 10 minutes? 10 days? 10 weeks? in 10 years? When you're really mad take a pause, drink some tea, write in your journal, take a nap, sleep on it for 24 hours+ to just calm down. You won't want to regret saying a thing.

🎵 Pray You Catch Me by Beyoncé

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