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There's something about the bond you have with your sisters that make your journey just a little bit better, you know? This past week has been so hectic. There's so much going on with the real estate business, family, last minute photo shoots and still tying up some loose ends on a special project that I'll be sharing soon. And to make matters worse me and my siblings missed our annual holiday photo shoot. I mean we didn't even do our normal Christmas picture with our parents. When I tell you things are crazy right now, things are crazy! But, no matter what I can always count on my sister Trinity to talk to and hang out with when I just want to forget the b.s. that the world likes to lay in front of us.

She knows how to make me laugh at the right time. She listens. Gives the best advice. And loves to wind on the dance floor just like me. So, after the week I had the only thing I could do to put a smile on my face was shop and dance and my sister has been right by my side ready to wind all over the dance floors and streets.

Look, here's the reality, life is crazy and hard and full of a lot of b.s. sprinkled with some amazing memories and kind souls. It's not easy to make connections, "family", "friends", w.e. So, when you connect ... from an internal level and your soul feels it...don't run from it. Embrace it. Cherish it. Respect it! Remember, communication is critical for any relationship to work. Period! A lot of people believe that they are mature communicators but as I have navigated through a couple of different worlds now, it is the biggest problem with most families, friends, business and intimate relationships. Souls do not know how to clearly, honestly, respectfully, with love and transparency, communicate. And what's worse in the age of social media, false narratives and mob mentalities...proper communication is lost. And possible bonds and connections are lost and missed. I've seen it so many times and have even experienced it with past relationships of my own over the past year. So, to have this heaven sent connection with my sister is everything to me. It's like the universe knew exactly what it was doing at the exact time. Sisters are truly one of the best gifts the angels bring to families. Or like my sister Trinity likes to say, "sisters are angels who lift us up when our wings forget how to fly".

Collab with my sister @Trinityunique.sl on Instagram


Two piece romper by Sp0iled (only at The Grand event)

Hair by Doux

♔ Barbara Heels by Phedora

Listening to Snack by Ms. Banks and Kida Kudz

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