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YES Bitch!

Let me tell you something, when you cause others to talk mess about you when you have not done 1 single thing to them. When others cringe at your very existence and you haven't even had a conversation with them. Those are their insecurities and past trauma that they want to project on you. They are miserable, sad, lonely souls that thrive off of hurting others and trying to distract focused souls to reaching their goals.

Stay focused! Know that when "family", "friends", "sorors" do hurtful things to you it's for purpose. And when those relationships end it's for protection. It's actually a good thing. You may think, damn I really lost a good thing or I really liked that person. But, trust me...the universe is preparing and protecting you from future hurt and turmoil.

Everyone that crosses our paths is not meant to stay. Some are meant just to brush up against you for a reason. Some are meant to stick around for a season. And then just a sprinkle...I mean a few and sometimes 1 or 2 are meant to stay a lifetime.

Protect yourselves! Remember, everything is not what it appears. We are often entertainment at someone else's expense in this world. Change the narrative and be the author. You're welcome. 💋

Showing Off

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