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I love it when things become clear. Things have been so hazy lately. Blurry you know?! Kind of like the blizzard that has me stuck in the house. Change is never easy. I keep asking myself if I made the right decision. Should I stay? Should I go? I absolutely love The Gold Coast. It feels like home. But... something... something... some thing just isn't right.

I am glad I decided to come and visit my family up north though. The snow is so beautiful. Like my sister, Jada likes to say, "it's always beautiful when it first falls". I plan on venturing outside later. Maybe make a snowman or two. Go exploring in my new snow boots and jacket that I picked up at the sale this past weekend.

Did you know that there are no two snowflakes that are ever the same? Each one is uniquely different. Like us...we are different, unique and beautiful. Each one of us. I just wish that we could see the beauty that we each hold. We are so blind. Blinded by societal judgement. Blinded by he say-she say. Blinded by what others believe we should be. Blinded by mistakes that we ourselves make every day. I literally watch people throw stones from their glass houses when they themselves are full of flaws and errors. Mistakes that they didn't mean to make. Yet, they hold others accountable for things that they themselves do to others. I left two other worlds because the toxic air was so thick and poisonous. I literally thought I was dying. I came to this new world hoping to find peace and a space of calm. But...

Hopefully the storm will calm soon. And the true answer will be revealed. The full moon is coming. My birthday is coming. A change is coming.

This is truly a beautiful time of year. A time of clearing out what no longer supports the journey. Welcoming what and who does. I see a sparkle beyond the trees outside. A glimmer of hope that safety, love, peace and calm is on the horizon. I am focused on manifesting all that is good. All that is safe. All that truly love and respects me for me. Like my forever sister, Autumn, told me, "I am imperfectly perfect and that's what makes me special." Like these beautiful snowflakes that are falling before my eyes.

Custom tattoo by Baby's (order via IG @babys.sl)

Back drop Joy by BellePoses

Top & Thong by MUG

Bracelets by November

Hair by Doux

Slides by Carson

Listening to Ransom by Saint Jhn (feat. 6lack & Kehlani)

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