8:08 pm

"I have something to show you. Meet me at this location 8 minutes after the sun sets tomorrow."

Wow...really? This note was left me at my desk at the resort. No signature. No clue as to who this is from or what it's about. I have a million things running through my head right now. What is this about? After months and months of betrayal from multiple people that I've allowed in my space. What information does this person have and about who?

Should I go is the bigger question. Show up for this mystery person. What if it's a set up? My trust has been depleted after all the lies and shenanigans that I've witnessed... experienced... endured. "Friends", "family", "sisters" ... so many lies and untruths. I seriously prefer to just say, "keep whatever information you have to yourself". I mean honestly at the end of the day, it won't shock me. I won't be surprised. Hurt. I legit don't care anymore. People are rarely who they say they are. They do not keep their word. They are not authentic. So, seriously why should I care? I already know that several don't like me (IDGAF). I already know several have it out for me (IDGAF). It is not up to me to please or satisfy others. Whatever these souls don't like about me, the fact is they don't like themselves. I realize that I am a reflection of what they can't stand about them and more importantly I am what they want to be and can't! Period!

I have tried for months and months to be nice. Kind. Loving. Transparent. Completely open and the repayment is unconscious able meanness. Unthinkable cruelty. And the ultimate betrayal at the highest level. Like, I don't even know how they think anything will come good their way. I didn't make up karma or define it. But it's real and each and every soul that has spoke ill against me will reap what they've sown not only on their own selves but on their seeds and loved ones around them. And it is so.

So, again...I ask myself...do you go? Do you show up at 8:08 pm SLT to get what they want to give me? Hear what they have to say?

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Fresh Woman Pose #4 by Inspiration

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