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I woke up this morning and knew it was the day to let go. I've been holding on for way too long. Hoping that things would be different, but it has stayed the same. Stagnant. Starting to spoil. Too many bad memories. So...I've decided that I'm destroying it all, from the ground to the sky so that this feeling of choking will disappear. I legit can't breathe anymore.

So, I'm letting go. And recreating the beauty that I envisioned.

From the center of my soul I am gold. A light, bright, goodness that many dream that they were. This new world that I stumbled upon 1.5 years ago is 100x worse than the other realm that I belong to (real life). Souls through their fantasies and behind the screen are malicious with their intent to hurt and damage others. Many times without any remorse or idea that what they are doing is harmful. Not only to the other soul, but the entire universe.

I just want to bring peace. Goodness. Love to all. I want to remind people that they can have a vision and see it through to fruition. With support and cheer. Despite that isn't what is always reciprocated.

Exhale...I am not looking back. Pulling out my sage today and not only clearing my space, but also cutting the cords of the awful energy that has been attached to The Gold Coast and to me. I am done! Round of applause to what was. Bow. And now, let's GOOOOOO for the new.

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