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When people show you who they are believe them.

Diplomatic? Yup. Sensitive to the whole? Absolutely not. Consistent with behavior towards me? Yup. First time? Nope. Will it happen again? Of course.

  1. One heart that beats for a community of souls that do not see anything but themselves

  2. Two eyes that watch the constant betrayal of those that say they care

  3. Three opportunities to get it right and make a change in their ill ways

  4. Four pleas of understanding and mercy

  5. Five missed chances of grace and bonding

  6. Six voices proving that they don't give a F*$%

  7. Seven silence...

  8. Eight thick border lines that are going into place to protect Moacha. Effective immediately.

You think I don't know? You think because I don't speak up often you've won? You think because I may ask a question here or there I'm ignorant? You think my humbleness is weakness? You think my kindness is a gateway to your constant betrayal?

I see your lack of integrity. I see your lack of support towards anything that I do. I actually heard what you've said. Unfortunately, those that you've spoken to have also spoken.

How long do you think I'm going to allow you to mistreat me? How long do you think this one-sided wave is going to last? The lesson of the YEAR and absolute reminder:

When people show you who they are...BELIEVE them the first time. They meant it! 🦋

🎵 Protecting My Energy by Jackboy

🎆 Promoting (IMVU)

Top, Skirt, Shoes and Nails by G33T


Necklace, belly chain and Bracelet by OBJE

Hair by Blasie

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