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I realize that this world is filled with manipulators. Scammers. And evil souls. These souls seek to get whatever they can from you. These heartless souls literally have no integrity or basic human morals. I have had people steal. Bribe. Lie. Just to get a few lindens. Why? Honestly, I love giving to charity. And I may have given them more if they just would've asked. But, these spineless beings want to be pathetic and take from me and then have the audacity to try and flip the script like I am an awful person and that I did something to them. Like, where TF do they do that at?

With every walk of this virtual journey I realize that it's 1000x worse than real life because these evil souls get to hide behind technology and create whatever narrative they feel like. And, in this crazy world that is based on popularity and likes. The quiet ones, like me, get stomped on. Mistreated. And worse.

Here's what I say to each of you. And you know EXACTLY who you are. I hope the Lindens$ that you stole or manipulated out of me helped you and benefited whatever goal you needed to reach. I hope all the ill and evil that you spoke about me. All the laughs and snares made you cum hard enough that you'll remember it forever. Because let me be VERY clear. You thought you knew me, but the fact is you don't. And everything that you said, did and stole from me will be returned to you and yours. Trust! If you didn't believe in karma before, you will soon.

You are pathetic. Disgusting. And just an awful soul. When it comes back to you and it will soon (very soon), I want you to remember what you did to me. And then ask yourself was it worth it? Was it worth the 500$? Was it worth the 1000$? Literally you're taking $2 and $4. And you needed to steal that? You couldn't just ask? Even the couple of souls that walked away with more... was it worth it? I mean clearly since you're that pathetic that you have to forfeit your integrity over a few dollars, says a lot about your character.

But that's not even the worse thing...the fact that your manipulating pathetic broke ass wants to gaslight me and make it seem like it's my fault for whatever poor ridiculous excuse you try to paint is to me far worse than anything else that you've done. I am literally the kindness, nicest soul that you've ever crossed paths with. And this is how you treat me? A soul that has literally done NOTHING to you.


When I tell you I am soooooooo done. I'm going to keep your trifling, pathetic souls close because I need to watch your snake-asses. But, trust and believe. I see you. I know. The jig is up. And access is literally over!

Disclaimer: I am not a victim. I am a survivor of bullshit from this trifling ass world. Period! Stronger than you realize.

🎵 Female Energy pt. 1 by Delialiah El-Atwi

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