9:51 am

Getting the call to have hot cocoa and breakfast with my TT and my sister was just what I needed. A great way to start the day after the last few weeks. So much has gone on. So much has transpired. Really what I need is a vacation. An escape away to clear my mind, my thoughts and begin the healing process. I have this crazy way of just putting things that hurt in a closet. Closing the door. And walking away. But when things start to pile up....it's difficult to manage.

I’m an extrovert at the core of my being. Some days I just need to be around others. Especially when my thoughts are like this. Moments help me drown out the noise. Help me focus on a single thing vs everything that surrounds me.

I give off introvert vibes because my virtual journey has silenced me. Made me quiet vs. my natural outspoken self. In a space with souls that are hurt, frustrated, angry, or just plain mean and evil … it becomes difficult to even want to share. Why shine my light around or for others that simply love being in the dark?! So I stay quiet. Dumb myself. Hide myself. Boundaries up. Protection. Observation.

For now, I’m enjoying my hot cocoa and pancakes. Enjoying that I can walk in this beautiful home with my forever family. Family that no matter what the last names are or how they switch the roles in the family will forever be my TT and my sister. 💌

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