Gold Coast ReDo

It's been months since I closed Gold Coast to undergo construction. It had been in my head for months, but with current tenants, the club ... I just needed to take my time. Take my time and do this magical place true justice.

I am so happy to finally be re-opening The Gold Coast. And, with some amazing new touches. With residents already enjoying the gorgeous condos on Golden Views (luxury skyboxes) and Gold Coast Row (villas and townhomes at the beach), residents are going to fall in love with this interactive and stunning community. You will seriously never want or even need to leave.

The Gold Coast has everything you can imagine:

Beautiful pool & lounge area with cabanas, etc.

Yoga (BeYou friendly)

Skate Park

Tennis Court

Basketball Court

Volleyball Court

Massage on the beach

Private Jacuzzi on the beach

Starbucks (BeYou friendly)

Food Court (with adult beverages)

Rental Office (easy pay rental kiosk and redelivery terminal for your SL purchases)

Lev3ls (the grid's premiere 3-level entertainment spot)

+ More

Seriously, why in the world would you want or need to leave?!

Now what I have to tell that this is a marathon, Golden. This is NOT a race or a sprint. I know beautiful things that are consistent don't happen overnight, but I'm writing my manifestation out in this space with you all witnessing it:

I hope to have multiple Gold Coast communities around the grid. I want to be the place people want to live for the long term. 6 mo+ upfront leases and year long + residents. 💛 (and it is so)

Also, little excited to share my first Adobe edit (special s/o to my editing teacher Yaya 🖤). I've tried Procreate, Gimp, PicsArt and honestly a slew of others, but to get a handle on the king of kings is thrilling. I know I have a little ways to go and the formal pics done by Yaya are going on the major streams. I didn't want to ruin 24Karat's brand with my first edit (giggle), but since this is my safe space I know I'm okai. I hope y'all like it. 💌

Showing off:

24Karat - Dripping In GOLD

By Trinity & Quentin

24K - Sia Collection

Available In 10 Colors

Sizes - Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass, Freya, Kupra, Reborn

Mainstore -

🎶The Key by Tems

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